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Work Plan

The work plan for PoliVisu is broken down into logical tranches using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach. The diagram below highlights how the interconnected and dependent work packages work together.​



Ethics Requirements ensures compliance with the 'ethics requirements' that the project must comply with.



Project and Quality Management an 'umbrella' work package defining the project vision, quality procedures and management actions for resource-efficient and timely management of PoliVisu. WP2 will produce regular financial and operation reports on the project progress.



Policy Making and Experiment Cycle undertakes research to explore the experimental dimensions of policy making to develop a policy making model based on the sequence of policy experiment cycles. User requirements from policy makers will also be gathered in WP3 , followed by a detailed functional analysis for technical WP4



Technical Components for Big Data Analysis and Advanced Visualisation will undertake research on the state-of-the-art methods and techniques for big data use in policy-making processes. It will extend, enhance and adapt the technical components to be integrated in WP5 for use in policy making, and design and develop the necessary interfaces (services, API’s) and standards to make the technical components open, reusable and interoperable.



Components Integration will oversee the establishment, integration and management of the PoliVisu tools throughout the project. The purpose is to create a fully functioning technical infrastructure with a user-friendly interface that will provide visualisation layers and APIs to allow policy makers to understand and use the data. WP5 will make this possible by integrating components delivered by WP4.



Pilot Scenarios and Deployment deploys, tests and validates the PoliVisu tools through real-life proof-of-concepts in three different cities (Plzen, Gent and Issy-les-Moulineaux). WP6 will test-run the PoliVisu policy methodologies and an easy-configurable technical component (delivered in WP4 and WP5), thus enabling data-driven policy making based on big data analyses and visualisations.



Policy Impact and Evaluation monitors, evaluates, and validates the PoliVisu tools deployed in pilots. This WP will collect all the best practices and produce hands-on recommendations for the effective use of big & open data in policy making.



Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardisation, builds on the results of previous WPs, deplosy outreach strategies to ensure general awareness raising of PoliVisu and targeting its results to specific stakeholders, will deploy standardisation activities as an additional mechanism for exploitation and dissemination of project results, and will refine the PoliVisu Playbox and define business oriented exploitation approaches.



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