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BDVA Endorses WebGLayer as Data Driven Solution for COVID-19

We're excited that a WebGLayer-based map developed by InnoConnect is now available through the BDVA's Innovation Marketplace.

The marketplace covers many topics, from shopping to climate and transport. Recent focus on COVID-19 follows the recommendation of the European Commission to collect practical, data driven solutions for governments as they try to do everything in their power to contain the pandemic.

The Analytical Map of COVID-19 Spread in the Czech Republic, as the solution is officially known, draws on the advanced capabilities of WebGlayer to visualise statistical data provided by the National Health Ministry.

Thanks to interactive filters users can find out how many people have been affected by COVID-19 in different regions across the country. Barcharts on the right side of the app provide further information on victims' age and gender, on the total and cumulative rate of infection, among others.

The map can be customised for any country, region or city. To find out more, please contact InnoConnect directly.

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