PoliVisu's Traffic Modeller Shines at GIS Ostrava Conference

On 20-22 March 2019 PoliVisu partners Plan4All and the City of Pilsen presented the project at this year's edition of GIS Ostrava, an event dedicated to smart cities and the role that geospatial technologies play in their development. Stanislav Stangl from the city's IT department showcased the outcome of traffic modelling work carried out using one of PoliVisu tools - Spark Traffic Modeler - while Danniel Beran from Plan4All spoke more about the tool itself. As the name suggests, STM is an advanced transport modelling solution. It is written for Apache Spark, so is extremely scalable and can run on large clusters. STM allows city planners to change various network parameters (e.g. change of road capacity or addition of new network nodes) and see the effects of those changes close to real time. In the future, the tool will support sharing and publication of the created traffic models. Read more on Github.

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