BigPolicyCanvas and Designscapes!

You might wonder what these two attention-grabbing names are…well they are two very interesting H2020 projects that received co-funding from the European Commission. PoliVisu has recently started a collaboration with them projects because we all know that where there are many the power is greater :).

PoliVisu and BigPolicyCanvas organized a big data and policy making workshop in September as part of EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018 Conference. More details about this workshop can be found here.

Big Policy Canvas fosters collaboration among public sector, enterprises, citizens and researchers and will offer the appropriate knowledge base, research directions and recommendations towards building a more effective, efficient, precise and evidence-based public sector, promoting transparency and restoring trust to public sector structures.

The collaboration with DESIGNSCAPES project is more recent but it’s very promising, as we are currently looking forward into the new Common Dissemination Booster Programme to be opened. The DESIGNSCAPES project exploits the generative potential of urban environments in the highest possible number of European Cities to encourage the uptake and further enhancement and up scaling of Design enabled Innovations by existing enterprises, start-up companies, public authorities and agencies, and other urban stakeholders.

Stay tuned and follow us to find out what we are up to!

*The order in which the 2 projects are mentioned is alphabetical

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