Love Geospatial? Build a team and join the INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 in Antwerp

PoliVisu is proud to be supporting the third edition of the INSPIRE Hackathon taking place at the INSPIRE Conference, 18-21 September 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 is in line with the motto of the INSPIRE Conference – “Make it work together”. Collaboration and sharing experience in the domain of spatial data and services and linking these to other domains is the main objective of the hackathon. The aim is to easily integrate INSPIRE, GEOSS, COPERNICUS data with data from other domains using web APIs, and create value added applications. The target domains include:

* Agriculture and sustainable bioeconomy

* Transport applications for policy making

* PlanningEnvironmental protection

* Internet of Things

* SecurityWeather

* Biodiversity

To find out how to register visit

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