Showcasing PoliVisu To Open Data Enthusiasts In Italy

On 17 April 2018 Matteo Satta of Issy Media attended a conference in Naples titled 'Open Data for Transparency and Participation.' Organised by ROUTE-TO-PA, an H2020 project, the event brought together a diverse crowd of experts from EU institutions, national authorities, public administrations, cities, academia and the technology sector. The agenda was packed with presentations demonstrating best practices in citizen-led co-creation of data-driven solutions from across Europe. During his 10-minute slot Matteo had an opportunity to showcase PoliVisu, its objectives, methods and pilots, focusing in particular on the case of Issy-les-Moulineax, which aims to improve mobility in the Paris region with the help of PoliVisu framework. Watch Matteo's presentation below (only available in Italian), starting at 1:03:05.

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PoliVisu has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769608.


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