Public Deliverables

Planning deliverables

  • WP2 Project and Quality Management

Project Vision


Summarises the results of the project visioning process.

Project Vision Update 1


Updated project vision.

Data Management Plan (Iter. 1)


Describes the data management lifecycle for all data sets that will be collected, processed or generated by the research project.

Data Management Plan (Iter. 2)


The second iteration of the Data Management Plan deliverable

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Data & Technical innovation deliverables

  • WP3 Policy Making and Experiment Cycle

  • WP4 Technical Components for Big Data Analysis and Advanced Visualisation

  • WP5 Components Integration

Experimental dimension of policy making


Comprises a research on state-of-the-art literature on the relevance in policy making.

The PoliVisu policy making model (DRAFT)


Comprises the preliminary PoliVisu policy making model.

Data Literacy Survey Report


Provides a comparative assessment of the extent of big data usage and literacy among public sector actors in Europe.

Policy experimentation and functional design 1


Presents the use case process flows and the pilot scenario analysis.

The PoliVisu policy making model (FINAL)


Presents the final PoliVisu policy making model.

Policy experimentation and functional design 2


Presents the toolbox and the visualizations, the 2 parts of the policy experimentation.

Technical Specifications


Describes the overall architecture and how the different components interact.

Metadata Specifications


Describes the metadata requirements (incl. use of standards) for successful application of technical components in policy making processes and tools.

Privacy rules and data anonymisation


The report focuses on the practical use of privacy-sensitive data for policy making without privacy invasion

Technical Integration Plan


Outlines the envisioned architecture and the activities that need to be undertaken to ensure successful integration of all the individual elements.

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Pilots deliverables

  • WP6 Pilot Scenarios and Deployment

Pilot Scenarios


Presents the first set of scenarios for each of the pilot cities.

Baseline Analyses


Presents the first baseline analysis for each of the pilot cities.

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Exploitation deliverables

  • WP7 Policy Impact and Evaluation

  • WP8 Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardisation

Evaluation Plan


Outlines the monitoring techniques and evaluation methodology.

Recommendation for future deployments (It. 1)


Specific recommendations for refinements of the pilot solutions based on the regular monitoring and assessment of the impact of PoliVisu solutions on the policy making process in the pilots.

Big & Open Data Use in Policy Making Manual


This hands-on manual summarizes the main results and lessons learned by the project.

Impact Enhancement Roadmap


Comprises the strategy for dissemination, communication and exploitation plans as well as their connection. Initial versions of each of the three plans are included.

Standards White Paper Ed. 1


First edition of standards white paper.

Business and Exploitation Plan 1


The business and exploitation plans of PoliVisu outputs including any commercialization activities related to PoliVisu toolbox.

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