Project Consortium

Informatie Vlaanderen
Is part of the Flemish Government, in Belgium. AIV is a public body tasked with support in the areas of digitization of data in e-government, GIS and public information.

Contact Person: Lieven Raes
Is a Program Management Office that delivers project management and high-level advice in the broader field of the Information Society for major projects within the international and national public sector.
EDIP specializes in transport engineering.

The company has a particular emphasis on traffic safety, safety audits, traffic counting (significantly contributed to national traffic census 2010) and assessing the capacity of the intersections.
Issy Media
Is in charge of the communication and the development of new technologies in the city of Issy‐les‐Moulineaux since 1990.
Help Service Remote Sensing
HSRS offers wide range of services dealing with the creation of geoinformation systems, SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) products and spatial applications.
Commercially supports open source web GIS technology in general and its own open source platform, Geomajas in particular
Delivers technology innovation to clients in the fields of smart cities, smart mobility, Internet of Things, open data and geo-data analytics & visualisation. InnoConnect services include big data management, dynamic analytics & visualisation (WebGLayer heatmaps), sensor data & real-time data management, processing & online access, location-based services, and smart mobility consultancy.
Cityzen Data
Addresses worldwide companies and SMEs to give value from new services that they can thus offer to their customers, users and patients. Cityzen Data’s goal is to provide a scalable, secure, ethical and open platform for sensor data that acts as an accelerator for any project.
21C Consultancy
Specialises in providing every functional aspect of stakeholder engagement, communication and dissemination and pilot support (including user requirement gathering and execution).
Athens Technology Center
Offers solutions and services targeting specific sectors incl. the Media, Banking and Retail Sectors, Utilities and Public Sector Organisations as well as horizontal solutions focusing on Content Management, Enterprise Software, Web Applications, Human Capital Resource Management and eLearning, and Mobile Applications.
Správa informačních technologií Měst
Správa Informačních Technologií města Plzně, as a part of the city of Plzeň, is the public company which is responsible for ICT of the city Plzeň.
Macq has its own embedded camera system for Vehicle classification, Incident detection and License Plate Recognition.
The company is also active in the traffic and mobility centre’s that handle the traffic information, the automatization of tunnels, bridges and locks (water transport).
Is a non-profit international association for sustaining project results and open data related to regional, landscape and environmental planning.
Politecnico di Milano
The project team at Politecnico di Milano will be a group of researchers belonging to the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) under The Future Cities Challenges Lab (fccL) composed by researchers in urban planning and policies.
Stad Ghent
Stad Ghent has an explicit Open Data policy, and the Data & Information team will deploy its expertise to guarantee full compatibility and practicability of the developed solutions.
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Contact Person: Mr. Lieven Raes

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