The PoliVisu Toolbox: Learn How to Use Big Data to Create Visualisations to Support Policy Work

The aim of the PoliVisu Toolbox is to help Public Sector decision-makers learn how to use big data to create visualisations that support their policy work. The tool has been designed to support policy areas related to - but not limited to - transport and mobility. The Toolbox provides a window to the potential that data can provide for policy-makers and allows users to browse through its contents freely, using selected elements as inspiration for data use in policy, themselves. The backbone of the Toolbox is a series of case studies. These are structured narratives based on real-life examples of data supported policymaking. Each story contains links to related features in the Toolbox that su

PoliVisu training continues with a webinar on traffic modeling

Transportation systems are facing many changes caused by the introduction of disruptive technologies and services. Modeling has long been used to measure the impact of these and other changes (e.g. new policies, land development) on local traffic conditions. Given that the new age of mobility is upon us, the way we analyse our transportation network must change, too. Specifically, transport modeling should become more agile and experimental, leveraging new data sources and advanced technologies to deliver insightful results to decision makers. In the third webinar, PoliVisu touched on these important principles and explained how its tool TraMod can provide insights for better mobility manag

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