A Traffic Modeler based app comes first in the Dubrovnik INSPIRE Hack

We are pleased to announce that the team which built a solution around Traffic Modeler, one of our visualisation tools, was awarded first place at the prestigious Dubrovnik INSPIRE Hackathon 2020. The demo created by the team focused on Františkovy Lázně, a small Czech town of about five thousand inhabitants. The results show that interactive traffic modelling can improve traffic planning in any city no matter its size. The demo was built in three steps. First, the team had to gather sufficient data on traffic network and traffic generators to be simulated. Next, the traffic model was calculated and imported into a spatial database for further processing by the Traffic Modeler. In the final

PoliVisu showcases WebGLayer at a webinar on dynamic visualisations

Modern data analysis often requires special techniques for handling complex data structures. Interactive graphs can provide insights into multivariate datasets by communicating the key aspects in a more intuitive way than can isolated bar charts or static maps. To emphasize the benefits of dynamic visualisations, PoliVisu organised a special webinar as part of its comprehensive training program designed to make transport policy making more agile and experimental. During the live event, we presented the WebGLayer tool and explained how it makes spatio-temporal patterns, relationships and trends in the underlying data more apparent. After the technical part, we turned to real-life case studies

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