Covid-19 Visualisations: "The Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics"

COVID-19 has unleashed a global tsunami of charts, graphs, maps as well as predictive data models which visualise a wealth of data. The American novelist Mark Twain, who was fascinated with science and scientific inquiry, coined the phrase “lies, damned lies and statistics”. If he were alive today, he might have added poor data visualisations. In this blog we are ask what are some of the pitfalls of representing data visually and how they can be overcome? Lets start with the visualisations most people have come across in the last month, Coronavirus dashboards. The most reliable one is generally acknowledged to be the online Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre, which precisely compares

Traffic Changes in Issy During Covid-19 Lockdown

PoliVisu provided the drive to bring together an interesting and fruitful new public-private collaboration around mobility data between PoliVisu partner, the city Issy-les-Moulineaux and the startup MyAnatol. Previously working together to confirm how the MyAnatol application can help the City to improve its traffic situation, they have shifted to analysing how the time people lose in cars since September 2019. Changes have been recorded related to many external situations, such as strikes, schools holidays and of course, the recent Covid-19 lockdown. The visualisation shows that today, people are spending about 15% less time in car, despite the lockdown pushing the use of cars over public

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