Pushing the State of the Art in Policy Visualisations: Partners Meeting in Issy Les Moulineaux

All fifteen project partners gathered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France on Thursday May 18th to move forward with the design architecture for the PoliVisu big data, policy making solution. The solution aims to enhance public involvement and support in urban policy making, by equipping decision makers with the skills and tools - from open (geo) data processing to advanced visualisations- for using big data for collaborative policy experimentation. As a result, the city will make better sustainable policy decisions and can manage operations more effectively. Partners envisage this working in three key steps: VISUALISE: PoliVisu visualisations create one version of the truth for all stakeholders

Mobility Revolution is on the Map at Smart Urban Mobility Conference 2018

A visual and collaborative future for policy making is coming claims Susie Ruston McAleer, MD of 21c Consultancy, speaking at the All-Energy, Smart Urban Mobility Exhibition and Conference in Glasgow, UK. Ruston-McAleer has been working on the new smart city initiative, PoliVisu, and shared the premise for its creation with the audience of mobility specialists and practitioners in Scotland. PoliVisu is centred on the argument that cities are suffering numerous systemic effects due to increasing traffic congestion which accounts for 40% of CO2 emissions and up to 70% of all air pollutants. However, the traditional methods of addressing this challenge – policy making - can be a long and labor

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