PoliVisu Already Recognised as a Best Practice for Policy Transformation

In the same month as the PoliVisu project was launched Pavel Kogut from 21c was invited to Thessaloniki to present PoliVisu to an audience of social innovation enthusiasts at a workshop organised as part of the 4th International Conference on Internet Science. PoliVisu was selected as just one of five papers to be presented at the prestigious event. Workshop participants learned about the project, its partners, vision and potential to transform policymaking through novel data-driven methods and tools. PoliVisu, for its part, benefited from exposure to the preliminary results of four H2020 projects that have advanced social innovation in Europe over the past two years: Socratic, Open4Citizen

PoliVisu Kicks-Off in Gent!

It is trite but true that many cities are currently under pressure, whether it’s due to urban sprawl, poor governance or the effects of globalisation. Transport systems are especially affected because they must also meet the evolving social demand for affordability and quality; for disabled access, uninterrupted access to infrastructure and a 24-hour access to public services; as well as for many of the services associated with the gig economy like car-sharing. So what should authorities do deliver transport policies that have citizens’ interests at heart? How can they minimise disruption to city life resulting from the nightmarish but necessary roadworks? And can this disruption nudge commu

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PoliVisu has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769608.


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